Every day that happens(passes)
I fall in love Mas of it(he,she) you provokes me to kiss itself I
Cannot refuse am addicted to your aroma to your lips and to your
Every instant wanted to have and make you my wife
I wanted viviirrr amándoteee...
I wanted to fall asleep kissing
itself Despertarr adoring you returning to make to you again
Me the love it(he,she) wanted to live loving you it(he,she) loved
Me dormirr kissing itself Awakening …
getting excited …
to return to do to you again the love
You are the blood q it(he,she) flows x my veins
We attract are souls gemelass
I sit down the happiest being of this land Xke have to my side my
love it(he,she) fascinates the tenderness with which your me
conquistass of your fondness
I Am a masochist
I would like to detain the time...
I am dreaming despiertoo I wanted viviiir amándoteee...
It(He,She) loved dormirr besándoote His(Her) Despertarr adorandotee
to return


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