Take my life Time has been twisting the knife I don't recognize people I care for Take my dreams Chldish and weak at the seams Please don't analyse, please just be there for me The things that I know nobody told me The seeds that are sown they still control me Chorus: There's a liar in my head There's a thief upon my bed And the strangest thing is I cannot get my eyes open Take my hand Lead me to some peaceful land That I cannot find inside my head Wake me with your love It's all I need But in all this time still no one said If I had not asked would you have told me If you call this love why don't you hold me Chorus Give me something I can hold Give me something to believe in I am frightened for my soul, please, please Make love to me, send love through me, heal me with your crime Tha only one who ever new me, we've waisted so much time So much time


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